Rick Colson | About
I was born in a photo studio and probably inhaled far too many photo chemicals, which might explain some of my images. I have now fully embraced digital and own the world's first virtually 100% green custom "lab," www.ecovisuallab.com where I make archival, museum-quality exhibition, gallery, portfolio and decor prints for environmentally aware clients.

I have been making images since I was a small child. I now document beauty, irony, and the simplicity of everyday life. I specialize in portraits both in-studio and on location, plus landscapes and other images of interest.

I am always available for commissions and all the images posted are available for purchase. They are printed on 100% cotton papers made from the reclaimed fibers from cottonseed-oil manufacturers (food grade) using aqueous pigmented inks that do not offgas - no toxic fumes. All our images are archival and museum quality.

Please call me anytime at 617-413-5343 or email me: rick.colson@rcn.com. Thank you.